Board of Directors

Board of Directors


President - Yvonne Bishop


Yvonne Bishop

Yvonne is an open, confident, people centric, responsible and action orientated business analysis practitioner who has proven strength in building and managing strong, engaged and capable teams.  She looks for opportunities to develop and share vision and applies her excellent communication and motivational skills to engage people who want to share knowledge, learn and collaborate to help themselves and others achieve great outcomes.

An experienced business analysis professional Yvonne fully understands the value in applying good business analysis.  She has extensive experience establishing and leading analysis practice as well as personally delivering project, programme and enterprise analysis, knowledge and information management, user centred design in business transformation, business change, service development and more.

She has earned a reputation for delivering quality results and is excited to have the opportunity to apply her skills to ensure business analysis practitioners in New Zealand can access professional development, IIBA certification support, networking events and knowledge sharing with existing and emerging business analysis professionals.

"I'm so pleased to have this opportunity to work with, and for analysis practitioners in New Zealand.  As an IIBA member and a business analysis professional I am continually excited by the opportunity to "Help Business do Business Better"

"Please don't hesitate to email me if you have questions, concerns and want to understand more about what IIBA NZ can do to help you, your team or your organisation."


Secretary - Jasmin Wilkins


Jasmin Wilkins

Jasmin’s enthusiasm for, and commitment to, the business analysis community is demonstrated in her ongoing participation in the IIBA, and as a longstanding member of the BA Development Day conference.

As a principal consultant at Equinox IT, Jasmin is a business analysis practitioner and trainer, and passionately believes that business analysis is key to helping organisations succeed. The increasing pace of change, often driven by IT enabled business capabilities, leads to significant opportunities for using the business analysis skill set to deliver value. A strong business analysis community provides more opportunities for ongoing development and participation.

Jasmin brings her passion for analysis, and a strong interest in good governance to the Board.


Treasurer - Susan Taylor


Susan Taylor
Susan is a experienced business analyst working exclusively in the Wellington market for the last 13 years, after an extended OE that included in New York, Boston, London and the Cayman Islands. Susan's  initial career as a Chartered Accountant provided experience in financial systems definitions, EDP Audit, financial accounting (predominantly in tax havens) and multiple accounting, investment & financial trading system implementations. The systems accounting work sparked Susan's passion for process improvement, automation, using technology for good, and just making things better  - which led her to business analysis. 

Susan has been an IIBA member since 2012, obtained her Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) qualification in 2016 and joins the board in 2018.

Susan is pleased to use her past experience in accountancy in her role as Treasurer. However, she is more excited to be an active member of the board in a wider role. She is passionate about ensuring the wider community of people that use business analysis skills on a day-to-day basis see the value of being part of the IIBA community

Contact Susan at | LinkedIn for enquiries


VP Sponsorship - Hayden Foster


Hayden Foster

Hayden is a Senior Business Analyst based in the Wellington region. Hayden has worked for a number of organisations in the Wellington region since joining the Business Analysis profession in 2009, contributing to the successful delivery of a number of large and complex pieces of work.

Hayden’s customer focussed approach enables him to effectively help organisations achieve project/programme benefits whilst keeping focus on contributing on the strategic objectives. Hayden’s key strength is his ability to quickly form strong and enduring relationships with stakeholders.

Hayden has been an IIBA member since 2014 and joins the board in 2017.

"My focus is to create value for the New Zealand chapter members by forming long standing sponsorship partnerships that directly benefit the chapter members. In my spare time I enjoy music, xfit, football, fishing, the occasional craft beer and spending time with my 2 lovely daughters."


VP Professional Development & Certification - Jenny Saunders


Jenny Saunders

Jenny is a highly experienced Consultant focusing on business analysis and transformation. She is an IIBA® Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) and truly believes that great analysts can save an organisation a fortune.  

She has worked for a variety of organisations and business sectors within the United Kingdom and New Zealand; including the Metropolitan Police, the automation industry, electronics retail industry, banking sector, New Zealand Dairy industry, training sector and latterly a New Zealand Consultancy.

When she’s not working she can be found on the golf course and enjoying the beautiful New Zealand scenery. 

LinkedIn profile 


VP Marketing & Communications - Karl Menzies


Karl Menzies

Karl enjoys engaging and collaborating with people and has a passion in delivering services that make a difference to people in everyday life.

As an experienced business analysis professional, Karl understands sharing and growing the business analysis community is a key aspect for developing members professional capabilities as BAs and open to engage and bring the conversation to the NZ BA community.  He brings expertise across lean user centred design, enterprise analysis, knowledge and information management, and has worked across large business transformations and digital services.

Karl has been an IIBA member since 2012, is an IIBA® Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) and joins the board in 2018.  

"I'm looking forward to contributing to the board and broader IIBA community. I enjoy living in New Zealand and experiencing the great outdoors with family & friends.

Contact Karl at | LinkedIn for enquiries about collaborating or contributing with the IIBA NZ Chapter.


VP Membership - Jonathan Shorland



In 1998, some Business Analysts from an IT system supplier visited Jonathan's workplace to discuss with the staff the requirements for a replacement administration system. He knew then that that was the type of work he wanted to do.

Jonathan is now a Senior Business Analyst with over fifteen years’ experience of Information Technology projects gained in New Zealand and in the UK. He has long supported initiatives intended to raise the levels of professionalism in our field.

Jonathan has been a member of the IIBA New Zealand Chapter since March 2011 and CBAP® certified since December 2013 and joins the Board in 2018.

I have enjoyed attending the local Membership Events that the IIBA has held over the past few years and am looking forward to the opportunity to make a contribution to the Board.

If you would like to support/volunteer for the IIBA, please email


Immediate Past President - Andrew Willoughby


Andrew Willoughy

Andrew has served on the NZ Chapter board for the last 7 years in both Membership and President roles, he has been honoured to take on these roles and looks forward to a new look chapter board with our new President Yvonne Bishop.

He will continue to support and work with the board in the capacity of Past President and looks forward to working with this new leadership to increase focus across our BA Community.


Director at Large - Karin Lehmann


Karin Lehmann

Karin Lehmann has been in the business of change for over 17 years. Starting her career at Cisco Systems in the UK and moving to New Zealand in 2005. Karin has worked as a Project Manager, Senior Business Analyst and Consultant at a range of companies across a wide variety of industries including local council, education, agriculture and construction among others.

With a degree in Psychology and having created and taught a Business Analysis course at degree level, Karin is passionate about inspiring and up-skilling others. This year Karin has set up her own consultancy – “Butterfly Business Consulting” which is dedicated to enabling transformational change in individuals, teams and organisations.

Karin was a Speaker at the ‘Building Business Capability’ conference in Sydney (2012, 2013), Florida (2012) and Las Vegas (2013) as well as BA Development day conference, Wellington (2012). Karin co-led the establishment of regular IIBA events in Christchurch, growing the Christchurch event members base to over 150 in just over a year.


IIBA New Zealand Board win 2015 Professional Development Award

The board are very proud to have supported the NZ business analysis community in attaining the 2015 professional development award, recently awarded at BBC in Las Vegas in November 2015.