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The Brown Cow Model: Solving Business Problems in a Practical Way with Marcus Udokang

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm


About the Presentation

Within business analysis can we ask "How now?" and see the current state from that perspective? When we ask how versus what and what is happening now versus what could occur in the future.
Where does the innovation start to take shape and navigate our way of thinking to a future state. This is what the Brown Cow Model looks at.
This presentation discusses the Brown Cow Model and it's application within the Business Analysis context.

Objectives to be covered:

- How do we tackle the work?
- What is essential within the work?
- How can we do the work more efficiently?
- What technologies can be implemented for a future state?

picture1.jpgAbout the Presenter

  Marcus Udokang is an IT Consultant, and a writer and presenter, specializing in project management and business analysis, specifically business   
  applications, and requirements analysis, and business process management.
  He has worked in various industries including Financial Services, Oil and Gas, and IT training/education.




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