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Making Change Stick

Tuesday, September 6, 2022 -
6:00pm to 7:00pm

About the Presentation

Change is everywhere. Every project we do is changing how people work or how customers interact with us. It's changing people. We're changing people. And people don't like change.
In a business analysis role, as a BA, PO, PM, process or UX expert …, we are part of that change. We are making that change happen … or not.
Yet, we're no change experts. So what can we do to make change happen, and to make it stick?
I believe we can do a lot. By looking at our analysis work through a change lens, we can initiate a better conversation, and co-create the change with the people around us.
Want to know how this works? Find out in this talk and apply the practical learnings and tips yourself the next day. But beware: this talk may change the way you work…

 About the Presenter Filip Hendrick

medium_filip-hendrickx-avatar.pngFilip loves bridging business analysis and innovation, and mixes both in his work as speaker, trainer, coach and consultant.
As co-founder of the BA & Beyond Conference and IIBA Brussels Chapter president, Filip helps support the BA profession and grow the BA community in and around Belgium.
Together with Ian Richards, Filip is the author of Brainy Glue, a business novel on business analysis, innovation and change.
Get in touch with Filip on LinkedIn.



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