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The Real stories of Kanban

Wednesday, February 23, 2022 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm

A different way of thinking and the alternative path to agility

About the Presentation

During this session, Silke Noll will share real life examples of what happened after teams and organizations started to work with Kanban, a snapshot of her own Kanban journey. Not only Silke once thought that Kanban “is just a board with stickies on it”. She shows how today Kanban for her is a way of thinking and the alternative path to agility, much more than an Agile framework and a board with stickies. Simple example: when you see “To Do, Doing, Done” in columns on a board, chances are that you are working with some sort of visual management, but not Kanban (apart from personal Kanban and shared services).
For Silke, there is no such thing as "either Kanban or [choose your favourite process framework]" -  Kanban is not a process framework. Kanban can improve any way of working you are using at the moment. This is why Kanban works so well in non-IT environments, in project and feature work just as well as in BAU or operational type of work. There have been successful Kanban implementations around the world in the areas of marketing, HR, procurement, finance, legal, government, just to mention a few. 
Classical Agile transformations or implementations often imply the introduction of new processes, roles, new titles and leave organizations puzzled with how to map those to existing skillsets, salary structures, etc. The Kanban Method beautifully bridges traditional and new ways of working.
This is your chance to experience the depth of working with Kanban as an evolutionary Change Management Method, a method to manage knowledge work, and the “Start with what you do now” method.
You will find out about board designs, visualization and all things Kanban, for example and as time allows:
  • Relief of overburdening
  • Prioritization
  • Upstream Kanban
  • Command and control (mostly a problem of the system, nobody wants to act like that), and how Kanban makes better managers
  • Shared services or non-instant availabilities
  • Managing external and internal dependencies
  • Risk management
  • Scaling (in depth, breadth and width)
  • Kanban Metrics
  • Feedback Loops


 About the Presenter

medium_img_0421.jpgSilke is one of New Zealand’s leading Kanban experts, an Accredited Kanban Trainer by Kanban University, Kanban Coaching Professional and Kanban Management Professional. 
As founder of the “Kanban New Zealand” meetup https://www.meetup.com/Kanban-New-Zealand-Limited-WIP-Society-Meetup-Group/, one of the Limited-WiP-Society meetups around the world, her guests regularly spread the magic of Kanban in New Zealand. ;) The meetup has seen many great international speakers from our global Kanban community last year, including David Anderson, the founder of the Kanban Method himself. You can find most past events on the “Kanban New Zealand” youtube-channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb4p5UlotYVE0X-FmtFsiug.
Silke is passionate about people, learning, coaching and training, and about helping to inspire individuals, teams and organizations in all walks of life, giving them the knowledge and tools to make a difference. Before Silke became passionate about Kanban, she already worked as an Agile Coach, certified Scrum Master (PSM) and Product Owner. Silke is a certified seminar facilitator, trainer and coach for intercultural competencies and communication as well as certified as a personal coach (NLP-Master). She has published the – so far – first two books about intercultural communication in New Zealand, one of them translated into English. Silke loves to combine all of these backgrounds in her job. She has a successful track record in corporate culture change and transformation, on management, team and personal level. This broadens her understanding of “culture” and has seen Silke training and coaching in Oceania and Europe, in small and large organizations, government and private organizations. Overall, Silke has 20+ years of professional experience in many IT- and finance-related projects, and also as a salesperson in investment and retail banking, management consultant, business analyst and test consultant. 


By the way: PDU credits for PMI Institute can be earnt in the Kanban University classes Silke is offering in New Zealand.
The Kanban University course breakdown is:
“Team Kanban Practitioner” (TKP) counts for 8 hours technical
“Kanban System Design” (KSD) counts for 16 hours technical
“Kanban Systems Improvement” (KSI) counts for 12 hours technical and 4 hours leadership
Next courses: https://edu.kanban.university/users/silke-noll and always also on demand and in-house.


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