How to join IIBA

Join our IIBA New Zealand Chapter today.

membership benefits membership benefits membership benefits

Your IIBA® global membership gives you great educational, social and networking value, including access to online resources.
Read about the benefits provided by your IIBA membership.
An Added benefit is that if you are member of the IIBA you will get additional access to content within the IIBA New Zealand Portal (this is being rolled out in the near future)
If you believe your work can assist you with your membership fee - please download a letter template that hightlights the value of the IIBA membership for the organisation.

Steps to become a member:

  1. Create a member profile with IIBA® global
  2. Ensure you select yes to "I agree to have my contact information provided to local Chapters of IIBA" to enable your membership details to be provided to the NZ Chapter
  3. Pay the annual membership fee of US$139 by credit card 
  4. You will recieve a membership confirmation email.
  5. You can download your membership card which displays your membership number.

What happens next:

Once you are a member of the global organisation, you are automatically a member of the NZ Chapter.

  • We will send you a welcome email for the NZ Chapter letting you know when events are occurring in your regional centres
  • You do not need to create a New Zealand Login(this is a feature that will come into use in the future for member only content)
  • We hold regular meetups for seminars, workshops and networking over meals
  • Your IIBA global member profile enables you to access the IIBA portal for resources, seminars and reading material