IIBA New Zealand Board Elections 2018

IIBA NZ Board portfolios come up for contesting through our an annual election process. Portfolios are allcoated for two years and we stagger portfolio election timing to ensure we maintain some continuity of knowledge and experience

This means every year some of the portfolios can be contested which provides an excellent opportunity to bring in new ideas, new enthusiasm and challenge the status quo.  It helps keep us fresh and focused.

We are fast approaching election time and we have three positions we will be inviting nominations for. Read the position description and feel free to reach out to the people who can provide more context on each of the portfolios.

We are a distributed board and work remotely on support activity, teaming up on project activity where we can. This means location isn't a barrier.   Each of us has agreed an average time commitment of 2 hours per week with some weeks being more and some less.  There is a one hour board meeting every month (and we're great at keeping to time :) where we check in on actions, highlight opportunities, ask for/offer help and agree next activities.

Interested?  We'd love to hear from you so send us a short bio of yourself to elections@newzealand.iiba.org by Sunday 15 April 2018 and tell us why you're interested in volunteering in this role.

Kind regards