IIBA NZ Board Elections 2019

We are approaching election time and we are seeking new enthusiastic people to run for board positions. The IIBA NZ Board portfolios come up for contesting through our an annual election process.

Portfolios are allocated for two years and we stagger portfolio election timing to ensure we maintain some continuity of knowledge and experience, This means every year some of the portfolios can be contested which provides an excellent opportunity to bring in new ideas, new enthusiasm and challenge the status quo.

The election process

  • Interest - Show an interest  
  • Nominate- Confirm your commitment  to run for the board position
  • Vote - Voting commences for the 2019-2021 Board Position Tem
  • Announce – AGM 2018 is when the election results will be announced to the member

The handover period for all newly elected board members will be between 1st November 2018 – 31st March 2019 to allow the incoming board elect time for the awareness, desire, knowledge, ability and reinforcement of the position and duties they have committed to, including but not limited to NZ Chapter By-Laws, the Strategy and Operational plan etc.

Interested?  Read through the roles below.

We'd love to hear from you so send us a short bio of yourself to elections@newzealand.iiba.org and tell us why you're interested in volunteering in a role.

  • We will open up the show of Interest where you can equire and we provide feedback and also Nominations from now through to the 26th of September.
  • Upon receipt, nominations will be validated for eligibility. On 27th Septembery 2018 all nominations and the associated biographies will be made available for IIBA NZ members to consider
  • Voting will run from the 27th September and close on 28th October 
  • The IIBA NZ Chapter AGM on the Tuesday 30th October is when we will announce the new board elect.

About the board roles

We are a distributed board and work remotely on support activity, teaming up on project activity where we can. This means location isn't a barrier.   Each of us has agreed an average time commitment of 2 hours per week with some weeks being more and some less.  There is a one hour board meeting every month (and we're great at keeping to time :) where we check in on actions, highlight opportunities, ask for/offer help and agree next activities.

Preferably, but not essentially, newly elected chapter board members can also attend an IIBA planning and handover day during the year. Further information about each role is contained within the NZ Chapter By-Laws. Nominations can be submitted by individual members for themselves or can be nominated by other members.

Read the position description below and feel free to reach out to the people who can provide more context on each of the portfolios. Nominees must be financial members of the IIBA® and available to discharge the duties of the nominated position for a term of 2 years.

Nominations must be received by email to elections@newzealand.iiba.org by 5 pm on Wednesday 26th September 2018.

Position 1: President

The President shall be the chief executive officer for the Chapter and of the Board of Directors and shall perform such duties as are customary for presiding officers including making all required appointments with the approval of the Chapter Board of Directors.

Skills / Responsibilities:

  • Experienced practitioner or manager of business analysts;
  • Strong ability to build networks or alliances with other professional institutes, in particular IIBA® chapters;
  • Must possess long-term strategic planning ability, able to plan and direct beyond day-to-day operations;
  • Well developed sales, marketing, administrative, fiscal management and human resource skills;
  • Be an outstanding communicator;
  • A leader able to inspire board members and other volunteers on new and existing project; and
  • Ability to prepare an annual budget and an understanding of fiscal management.

For further information, including the detailed role description please email Yvonne Bishop at president@newzealand.iiba.org.

Position 2: Secretary

The Secretary shall keep the records of all business meetings of the Chapter and meetings of the Chapter Board of Directors

Skills / Responsibilities:

  • Excellent organisational skills and herding the cats ability!
  • Experience with meeting preparation, minute taking and distribution, maintenance of records
  • Understanding of meeting etiquette - quorum, recording of motions and decisions
  • Maintaining copies of the organisation’s by-laws and the Board’s policy statements.
  • Filing the annual return, amendments to the by-laws and other incorporating documents with the Corporate Registry.

 For further information, including the detailed role description please email Jasmin Wilkins at secretary@newzealand.iiba.org

Position 3: Vice-President Professional Development and Certification

The Vice-President Professional Development and Certification is responsible for promoting professional development and certification for the IIBA® in New Zealand. Accountability will be focused on planning and overseeing NZ's CBAP® accelerator programme, as well as supporting BABOK® study groups.

Guidance must also be provided to the board and events committee regarding professional development across IIBA's other NZ events. The goal to educate our community of the benefits of business analysis forms a second major theme to the role, through communication with business and professional groups as well as in the ownership for IIBA's business analysis mentoring, for the academic certificate available to tertiary institutions, and with the wider community including training vendors and endorsed education providers.

Skills / Responsibilities:

  • Working knowledge of the BABOK® and of all IIBA® certifications;
  • Capacity and capability to promote and work with NZ study groups - both IIBA® organised and company internal;
  • Ability to develop a good working relationship with appropriate professional development contacts within IIBA® internationally, as well as the NZ BA community, NZ businesses, other professional organisations and academic institutions.

For further information, including the detailed role description please email Yvonne Bishop at certification@newzealand.iiba.org.

Position 4: Vice-President Sponsorship

The Vice-President Sponsorship is responsible for gaining appropriate sponsorship for the Chapter and for Chapter events. This includes managing sponsor relationships to ensure maximum value for both parties.

Skills / Responsibilities:

  • Excellent relationship building skills;
  • Large network of contacts in prospective sponsorship companies - must be key influencers or decision makers;
  • Experience with adjusting offerings to meet the needs of the client e.g. sponsorship package flexibility; and
  • Experience liaising with finance role to ensure invoicing is correct and timely.

For further information, including the detailed role description please email Jasmin Wilkins at secretary@newzealand.iiba.org