IIBA NZ Board Elections 2020

Update December 2020

The new board members have been confirmed for the IIBA NZ Board for 2020
Find out who are the new board members and their profiles

About the 2020 Board Elections

We would love you to help govern the activities of the chapter - it’s the IIBA NZ Board election time for board roles!

The New Zealand chapter of the IIBA is managed by a board of people elected into positions by the members. Elections are held every year for roughly half of the board positions, thus giving each position a two-year tenure.

We are seeking expressions of interest for the following IIBA® New Zealand Chapter Board positions:

  • Vice-President Membership Services
  • Vice-President Marketing and Communications
  • Treasurer

Find out about the position descriptions below

The election process

  • Interest - Show an interest
  • Nominate - Confirm your commitment to run for the board position
  • Vote - Voting commences for the 2020-2022 board position term
  • Announce – Election results will be announced to the members - successful candidates will take over their portfolio from 1 April 2020

The handover period for all newly elected board members will be between 1st January 2020 – 31st March 2020 to allow the incoming board elect time for the awareness, desire, knowledge, ability and reinforcement of the position and duties they have committed to, including but not limited to NZ Chapter By-Laws, the Strategy and Operational plan etc.

Interested in a role?

Read through the roles below. Talk to the current people in the roles (contact emails listed) - we'd love to hear from you and answer any of your questions!
The NZ Chapter is run by volunteers so your contribution is valued and recognised - you gain valuable PDUs for holding a board role!


  • We will open up the show of Interest where you can enquire and we provide feedback and also Nominations from now until Wednesday 13 November 2019 (5pm).
  • Upon receipt, nominations will be validated for eligibility. On 15th November 2019 all nominations and the associated biographies will be made available for IIBA NZ members to consider
  • Voting will run from the 15th November and close on 15th December 2019 (5pm)
  • The IIBA NZ Chapter we will announce the new board elect in late December 2019.

Before the due dates above please consider nominating someone or yourself. As a nominee, please send a short bio of yourself to elections@newzealand.iiba.org and tell us why you're interested in volunteering in a role.

About the board roles

We are a distributed board and work remotely on support activity, teaming up on project activity where we can. This means location isn't a barrier.

Time requirements

  • Board meetings - the board typically meets monthly via teleconference that last 1 hour and in person twice each year (usually a Saturday). For board meetings in person, travel expenses for out of city board members are paid by the chapter.
  • Positions - each of us has agreed an average time commitment of 4 - 8 hours per month with some weeks being more and some less.
  • Annual meeting - attend an IIBA planning and handover day during the year.

Further information about each role is contained within the NZ Chapter By-Laws. Nominations can be submitted by individual members for themselves or can be nominated by other members.
Note that the skills listed in the position description are some skills that you will learn by the end of your term – if you have them already then you’ll be even more effective!

Read the position description below and feel free to reach out to the people who can provide more context on each of the portfolios. Nominees must be current financial members of the IIBA® and available to discharge the duties of the nominated position from the 1st of April 2020 for a term of 2 years.

Nominations must be received by email to elections@newzealand.iiba.org by 5 pm on Wednesday 13th November 2019.

Position 1: Vice-President Membership Services

The Vice-President Membership Services is responsible for supporting our IIBA NZ member community, promoting and growing membership and ensuring IIBA NZ Chapter focus on providing and improving value for members.

Skills / Responsibilities:

  • Primary contact for new membership enquiries with working knowledge of the benefits of IIBA membership
  • Ensure new members are registered with the NZ chapter and maintain the list of all current members
  • Primary contact for our IIBA regional volunteer teams in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch;
  • Hold the regional events budget (approving regional events expenses)
  • Be a good communicator;

Find out more about the VP Membershipship Services position including the required skills, responsibilities and key relationships.

If you want to know more about the day to day of this role or have specific ideas or questions, please contact Jonathan Shorland, our current VP Membership Services at membership@newzealand.iiba.org.

Position 2: Vice-President Marketing and Communication

The Vice-President Communications and Marketing (VP MarComms) supports information sharing to our IIBA NZ Chapter members and the wider business analysis community of New Zealand

Skills / Responsibilities:

  • be inquisitive and keen to share information about development and networking opportunities to anyone practicing or wanting to learn about analysis in business
  • promotion of the regular regional (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch) knowledge sharing and hands on development events.
  • inform our members of how to access the huge online library, learning resources, and regular updates on professional development and thought leadership webinars
  • promote the study group support (via VP Certification and Professional Development) for those practitioners working towards IIBA certification
  • have a willingness to learn the digital tools that support the communication channels of email, website and social media

Find out more about the VP MarComms position including the required skills, responsibilities and key relationships.

If you want to know more about the day to day of this role or have specific ideas or questions contact Karl Menzies, our current VP MarComms at marketing@newzealand.iiba.org

Position 3: Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for the day to day financial affairs of the IIBA New Zealand Chapter.

The goal is to ensure IIBA NZ Board finances are planned and managed effectively, and the Chapter complies with the IIBA Bylaws, and meets our Chapter financial obligations..

Skills / Responsibilities:

  • Financial administration of the regular NZ IIBA board activities for members (supporting budget setting, managing expense claims etc),
  • Support for any agreed significant events (eg national conference, national roadshows if applicable).
  • Supporting the tax obligations for GST expenses and claims with the accountant
  • Develop a working knowledge of the IIBA® NZ Chapter Bylaws and financial obligations.

Find out more about the Treasurer position including the required skill, responsibilities and key relationships.

If you want to know more about the day to day of this role or have specific ideas or questions please contact Susan Taylor, our current Treasurer at treasurer@newzealand.iiba.org.