Professional Development

What is Professional Development?

Professional Development refers to the hours performing activities to better enhance your current BA knowledge.

For CCBA® & CBAP® Only
Professional Development addittionally refers to the hours spent taking courses (classroom or online; external or internal to your organization).

What are Continuing Development Units (CDU)

Continuing Development Units (CDU) are the measuring unit the IIBA uses to quantify approved learning and professional service activities for recertification,
With some exceptions, one CDU is usually earned for every hour spent in a planned, structured learning experience or professional activity

 CDU Categories and Values

Category CDU Activity Activity Value
1 Formal Academic Education Maximum 30 CDUs per 3 yr cycle
2 Professional Development Maximum 30 CDUs per 3 yr cycle
3 Professional Activities Maximum 30 CDUs per 3 yr cycle
4 Self Directed Learning Maximum 15 CDUs per 3 yr cycle
5 Volunteer Service Maximum 30 CDUs per 3 yr cycle
6 Professional Experience Maximum 25 CDUs per 3 yr cycle


How do I record which professional development I have done?

It is a very good idea to keep a record of the date, course detail, PD/CDU type and contact person for each qualifying event.

In the IIBA Global portal - after you login you can enter professional development reocrds aligning to BABOK .
To do this go to My Profile > Professional development, then enter the course or workshop details.
These will be available to you for IIBA certification or recertification

Consider the following tips:

  • Use a spreadsheet or list to keep a record.
  • For an event like BADD, create and categorise a record for each session you attended across the day.
  • Keep emails that confirm you attended.
  • Keep receipts from IIBA webinars confirming you attended.
  • Save your records into a folder on ondrive or google drive so you have a record of your study.