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Driving Digital Transformation: Leveraging Agile Methodologies for New Product Introduction: In this fast-changing world of Digitisation and Agile way of working. Let's explore the critical role of digital transformation in enhancing organisational efficiency, boosting customer satisfaction, and driving innovation. We will delve into the key drivers behind this transformation, the significance of agile methodologies in business analysis, and their impactful application in new product introduction. Join us as we embark on this journey of continuous learning and improvement, embracing the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation
Harsimran Singh Gandhi (aka Harry) is a dynamic and result-oriented Business Analyst/Process Consultant/Product Analyst with over 14+ years of experience. With a robust portfolio that includes Strategic Analysis, Process Optimization, Digital Transformation, and New Product Introduction, Harry has consistently driven business success and enhanced organisational efficiency. His expertise spans a wide range of tools and methodologies, including Agile, Lean, and Waterfall, and he is proficient in systems like Microsoft Visio, Jira, Confluence, SAP, and Salesforce.

Harry believes in a philosophy of LUR-ology (which he will cover in the session)

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