IIBA introduces multi-level certification with BABOK3

Q3 2016 will see IIBA lever BABOK v3 and introduce multi-level competency-based certification

BABOK guide v3 (BABOK3) has now been out since April 2015, with over 6,000 contributors world wide helping to enhance and validate our business analysis body of knowledge. It's incredible to see so many contributors, creating subject matter so intensely tested, and making that available to the business analysis community.

This month's announcement from the IIBA has reinforced the institute's position as the foremost organisation for business analysis. We have anticipated the certification programme to update to BABOK v3, but just yesterday it has now been announced that the certification model will shift to a multi-level competency-based certification.

Big changes include the ability to join the certification ladder without having work experience. These candidates will certify as level one. Level two is similar to the current CCBA recipients, and level three similar to the CBAP - those senior business analysis practitioners. Level four will provide a top level certification for strategic thinkers and thought leaders in the industry.

The new certification program will have four distinct levels:

  • Level 1 will recognise entry level BA Professionals, and will be exam-based.
  • Level 2 recognises BA Professionals who have two to three years of business analysis experience. Level 2 will require between 3,000-4,500 hours of experience and is exam based. Current professionals with their CCBA® designation will be grandfathered into level 2.
  • Level 3 will recognise BA Professionals who manage and lead with over 5 years of business analysis experience. Level 3 will require between 7,500-10,500 hours of experience and is also exam based. Current professionals with CBAP® will be grandfathered into level 3.
  • To offer further opportunities and growth for senior strategic BA professionals, IIBA is launching level 4. This level will recognise industry thought leaders and those who are giving back to the community.  Level 4 will require a minimum of 15,000 hours and it will be assessment based.
This announcement confirms the guideline date for those still thinking about certification with the BABOK v2, now needing to work against a target cut-off of September 2016.

For those having a CBAP certification it is comforting to see the awarding of level three certification, however it is not yet known what path exists from current CBAP (future level three) and up to level four. Watch this space or follow the IIBA for further updates.

Ainsley Haslett | CBAP
VP Member Services
IIBA New Zealand Chapter