Meet our new board members for 2019

We welcome to the IIBA NZ Chapter board our 4 new directors who will officially joining from April 2019. They all bring experience and enthusiam to the board and are looking forward to contributing to the BA community.

Phil Cregeen – Incoming NZ chapter President for 2019
medium_phil-cregeen_profile.jpegPhil is has worked for 20 years in IT, internationally in Europe and Canada and here in NZ, currently employed as a business analyst working in government and telecommunications.
He originally started as a developer in Business Intelligence before eventually becoming a BA, passing his CBAP exam in 2015

He is excited for the opportunity to become the new NZ President. Of particular interest to him is

  • to standardize the way we teach and provide knowledge to BAs
  • leading and developing deeper partnerships with industry and educational institutions in New Zealand

Phil understands the value of learning and teaching through the IIBA, having taught many students through running IIBA Accelerators Study groups and has been a capability lead in charge of over 50 business analysts.

Bronwyn White – Incoming Secretary for 2019

medium_bronwyn-white.jpegBronwyn is a business analyst working in the Wellington region. Moving into a business analyst role from being a qualified non-clinical public health practitioner has felt like a natural process.
The ethos of collaboration, evidence-based continuous improvement and social justice underpinning the public health is also reflected in the business analyst roles she have been involved with especially representing the customer voice in large complex projects.

She enjoys the role a business analyst plays in providing value-added improvements to the organisations and individuals. A core part of the success of her roles has been

  • her ability to bring people together, analyse data and to draft and maintain documentation. 
  • her passion for working with a learning culture and the continuous shared learning that IIBA and the New Zealand chapter offers its members for progressive development.

"I’m looking to assist others build their confidence and skills to become a BA and realise what a great career option being a BA is!”

Graeme Prentice – Incoming VP Certification & Professional Development for 2019

medium_graeme-prentice-150.jpgGraeme's introduction to a career in IT started when he became involved in software implementations in the 90's with experience in the financial and insurance industries.

He discovered that business analysis roles provided the ideal mix of identifying problems along with helping deliver business value through well-crafted solutions.

Key focus areas for Graeme within the role for the IIBA NZ Chapter are

  • the active encouragement and facilitation of BA’s studying for accreditation
  • supporting those maintaining their professional qualifications
  • continuing to promote the business analysis role in today’s changing organisations

 Graeme’s personal belief is that if you are not constantly learning new ideas and technologies you are not standing still but actually moving backwards.
Namita Parshotam – incoming VP sponsorship for 2019
medium_namita-parshotam-profile-15.jpgNamita is a people's person with a zest for learning and applying here experience to add value in all that she does. 

She's worked primarily as a BA across telecommunications, banking and government with a strong belief that a good BA skill set can be effectively applied in any environment.
She has over 15 years of experience leading strategic initiatives and her skills include

  • a passion for evolving teams, processes and technology.
  • championing the customer and marrying those requirements with those of the business.

"I'm excited to have this opportunity in the sponsorship role to strategically form new relationships as well as leverage existing ones. I am also looking forward to collaborating with the board and members of the IIBA New Zealand Chapter"

Outgoing board directors for 2019

We would also like to thank the following board directors who are standing down from the board in 2019. They have all contributed significantly to our board over the years - Thank you very much! 

Andrew Willoughy

Immediate Past President 
Andrew Willoughby

Karin Lehmann

Director at Large
Karin Lehmann

Jasmin Wilkins

Jasmin Wilkins

Jenny Saunders

VP Professional Development and Certification
Jenny Saunders